Theater Style Popcorn - 3 Pack

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On average, Americans consume 50 quarts of popped popcorn annually, and 70% of all popcorn is consumed at home. We love our popcorn!

Unfortunately there are health concerns about microwave popcorn. Theater Style Popcorn provides the pre-measured and pre-seasoned convenience of microwave popcorn without the risk of negative health effects.

Each box contains three packets of perfectly measured popcorn, coconut oil, and seasonings for a foolproof batch of popcorn every time. Empty the contents of both sides of the pouch into your StovePop Popper or Poppy the Stirring Popper and follow the instructions for a perfect batch of popcorn.

Take your home movie night to the next level with Theater Style Popcorn.

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  • FOUR SERVINGS PER PACKET: 4.5 Quarts each
  • EASY PREPARATION: Each packet is premeasured
  • PERFECT FOR USE WITH TWO POPPERS: StovePop Stainless Steel Popper (VKP1160) and Poppy Popcorn Popper (VKP1163)
  • ACCESSORIES: Popcorn Boxes (VKP1165) and Popcorn Buckets (VKP1166, VKP1167, and VKP1168)
  • LOW CALORIE SNACK: Less than 200 calories per 4-cup serving
  • Designed to work perfectly with the StovePop Popper (VKP1160) and Poppy the Stirring Popper (VKP1163).
  • Ingredients: Popcorn section: gourmet gold popcorn, salt, artificial butter flavor, yellow #5, yellow #6 Oil section: coconut oil, artificial butter flavor, beta carotene (for color), soya lecithin (an emulsifier). Contains soy.
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  • Item Number: VKP1169
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  • Country of Origin: USA
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