Fenugreek Sprouting Seeds

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Organic Fenugreek Sprouts contain choline (a fat controller) and are rich in protein, iron, and vitamins A, D and G. Organic Fenugreek Sprout is a strongly scented herb of the pea family. It is reported to be helpful for digestive problems including ulcers. It is spicy and a major component in curry powder, The organic fenugreek sprouts are best used sparingly in salads, soups, sandwiches, curries and rice dishes. Also, the fenugreek sprout acts as an herb for dissolving mucus in the body when taken as a tea.

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  • High Germination Rate Perfect for Edible Seeds
  • Gardening, Hydroponics
  • Growing Salad Sprouts
  • Survival Food Storage
  • Organic Sprout Cooking
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