Discontinued Products

Aluminum Multi-Use Canner (VKP1145)

The Victorio Aluminum Multi-Use Canner is a great alternative to heavier stainless steel canners. The lightweight design makes it easier to work with and the aluminum construction transfers heat quicker. The built-in temperature indicator knob keeps your processing times accurate.

Take advantage of the versatility of the Victorio Aluminum Canner. The double-sided, stainless steel rack allows you to use it as a steam or water bath canner. Or, remove the canning rack completely and use it as a regular stock pot. The knob, in the tempered glass lid, has a built-in temperature indicator to let you know when to start your processing time.

Aluminum Steam Juicer (VKP1048)

The Victorio Aluminum Steam Juicer extracts the juices from fruits and vegetables for homemade syrups, jellies, nectars or other recipes. The Steam Juicer automatically produces clear, pulp-free juice through the power of steam. As water boils, the steam rises up into the fruit-filled colander above. Heat transfers quickly through the lightweight, aluminum construction producing juice in as little as one hour.

Cherry Stoner (VKP1009)

This Victorio Cherry Pitter/Stoner is an essential kitchen tool and takes the hassle out of recipe preparation. Pit any kind of cherry with ease. Get yours today!

The Victorio Cherry Stoner efficiently feeds cherries from the tray into the chute. A simple push of the plunger effortlessly removes the pit from the cherry. The pits are ejected into a clear pit container and the cherries roll into an awaiting bowl. The strong suction base attaches to any smooth, non-prous surface, keeping the Cherry Stoner in place for hours of use. It also allows it to be used in even the most cramped of spaces, taking up very little counter space.

Digital Food Dehydrator (VKP1050)

Don’t let the low watts fool you. This is an energy efficient, precision, fast drying, versatile dehydrator! Free Flow drying chamber dehydrates fast using less electricity than leading brand dehydrators. The precision digital temperature and shut off timer allow you to take full control over the way you dehydrate your foods. This dehydrator has a wide variety of features unmatched by any other dehydrator on the market! See the full list below.

Stainless Steel Steam or Water Bath Canner (VKP1055)

Please Note: Not for use on smooth top, flat top or ceramic top ranges. Stainless steel with double sided wire rack allows this canner to be used either as a steam or water bath canner. Indicator on lid tells exactly when to start processing. Water Bath Canning Jar Capacity: 8 pints, 7 quarts. Steam Canning Jar Capacity: 9 pints, 8 quarts, or 5 half gallons. Diameter of pan bottom is 12.5 inches, Top of pan diameter is 13.25 inches. Does NOT have a flat bottom.

Stainless Steel Steam Juicer (VKP1047)

Extract the natural juice of grapes, berries, and other high-liquid fruits with the power of steam. Just boil water in the bottom container and place fruit in the top container. Natural concentrated fruit juice drips in the center pan where it can be extracted through a surgical-quality, heat-resistant tube. Use the juice for making jellies or to store as concentrate for healthy natural fruit juice. Also perfect for cooking soups and stews or steaming vegetables. This steam juicer is induction range compatible.

2-Tray Kitchen Garden Sprouter (VKP1046)

Enjoy a fresh harvest of nutritious sprouts without soil or chemical additives. This may be the simplest sprouter on the planet. The easy-to-use Kitchen Sprouter will have you in sprouts with a few minutes of set-up and three to five days growing time. Cleaning and reseeding is so easy that you'll want to grow sprouts over and over. Made of food-grade plastic, each kit comes with two eight by eight trays and a 1oz pack of alfalfa seeds.

3-Tray Kitchen Seed Sporouter (VKP1013)

The Kitchen Seed Sprouter is the easy way to produce fresh, high-quality sprouts in your own kitchen. In just 2-4 days enjoy healthful sprouts in soups, salads and sandwiches. The 3 trays make it possible to grow up to three different flavors at once. The Kitchen Seed Sprouter makes sprouting fast, easy, and fun. Comes with 1oz of Organic Alfalfa Seeds. Includes three 6" diameter sprouting trays, water reservoir, cover, and water colletion basin. Overall height is 8.25 inches. Sprouter is top-rack dishwasher safe.