Victorio Kitchen Products is now VKP Brands

The transition to VKP Brands is to better identify the wide range of products that were previously made under the Victorio name. Select products have been rebranded to better fit their category. Our products continue to be designed and manufactured to the high-quality standards that you have come to expect.

VKP Brands Include

The Roots & Branches brand encompasses the grain mills and home canning line, which is all about preserving the art and tradition of home food preservation. It’s connecting back to our roots through home cooking, canning, and preserving. All products under the Roots & Branches name now come with a 5-year warranty.

The Time for Treats brand is all about making your favorite treats with family and friends any time of the year. Within this brand you will find snow cone makers, syrups, popsicle makers and other ways to beat the heat in summer. It also includes all the products for popping popcorn and roasting and glazing nuts.

Our Kitchen Crop Sprouters make growing your own healthy sprouts at home easy and fun!

VKP is our line of small kitchen tools for quick easy, food preparation in the kitchen. You will love these little products!